There is a wealth of potential video content options for Instagram Reels, regardless of whether you sell a service or a physical good. Instagram Reels will debut in 2020, the company said. With Reels, Instagrammers and companies alike have a fresh tool for making entertaining and informative motion graphics movies. With more than a billion monthly active users, Instagram is a great place for small businesses to focus their marketing efforts, as most company owners well know.

In case you currently have an Instagram account for your company but haven’t shared a Reel, now is the chance to do so! Don’t allow a dearth of content ideas stop you from growing your business; here are 13 Instagram Reels to inspire you.

The Reason Why Instagram Reels Are Essential Right Now

Your tiny business may make a big splash with videos recorded on your phone, as Instagram recently revealed that mobile-shot Stories advertising had a 63% probability of surpassing studio-shot commercials.
In addition, Instagram has now announced the rollout of new and enhanced insights for Instagram Reels, which will allow you to track the success of your Reels content and better understand how it can be used to grow your brand. Accounts Reached, Plays, Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares are just some of the new metrics that company managers may observe with the new Reels insights. The new Instagram Reels Insights will provide users with detailed information, such as the kind of accounts their Reels are reaching and the types of material that are generating the most interaction.

3 Instagram reel concepts for service and product-based entrepreneurs

If you’re a company owner, you’ve probably tried a lot of different tools to see which ones help you be more productive and keep things running smoothly. Why not teach your audience something new? An Instagram Reel is a terrific way to showcase your expertise and may be updated on a weekly basis to reflect any new software or methods you’ve used in your firm.

BTS photoshoot

photoshoots aren’t limited to still images! It’s a perfect time to make a Reel, whether you’re conducting a major shoot with brand new items or a tiny DIY photoshoot for Instagram content. Take a couple short movies on your phone throughout the session to compile a Behind the Scenes Instagram Reel.
Booking Instructions – If you run a service business, one of the most crucial Instagram Reel videos you can make is a tutorial on how to schedule an appointment with you. Make a short, easy-to-follow video that details the booking process and what to expect when a consumer has done so. This might be the deciding factor for some potential buyers to make a purchase.

Your narrative

As a business owner, you have a remarkable and inspiring tale to tell. A short film telling your narrative is perfect for Instagram Reels, no matter what your background is or how long your business has been around. This can not only assist your consumers feel more comfortable doing business with you, but it may also inspire your followers and other entrepreneurs.

Resolve a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do clients have many inquiries? You should make an Instagram Reel if you find yourself repeatedly answering the same kinds of inquiries in the comments or in direct messages. The answers to these questions may tell you a lot about your clients’ needs and desires, as well as the nature of your firm. Create many Instagram Reels and maintain a list of frequently asked questions to satisfy your audience.
Do your consumers know which goods you love the most and want to highlight? Make a creative Instagram Reel video to promote your wares and offer helpful styling advice to your audience. They will be quite interested in hearing which ones you prefer and gaining some insight into the designer’s own style.

How to prevent them: who doesn’t need that?

Share the blunders you made as an entrepreneur or the most prevalent ones you see consumers making, whether you sell physical goods or provide a service. Keep your Reel constructive and informed so as not to offend anybody.
You’re a company owner, so it’s only natural that you’re always flaunting your most current work. However, have you made an Instagram Reel to showcase your work? This content concept is fantastic since it allows you to consistently market your products or services in a way that clients will find engaging. Choose your very favourites and explain why you adore them for the most interesting Reel.

What extent do you like surprising and delighting your consumers and clients?

Describe some of the unique and exciting benefits your clients will receive as regular patrons. This not only demonstrates your dedication to your clientele.
Choose a format ten The best strategy to get people interested in your items is to showcase a variety of them in one Instagram Reel and let them vote on their favourite. Instagram users are avid voters, so incorporating a poll or quiz into your Reels is a great way to engage them.