When it comes to promoting products visually, Instagram is a top choice among social media sites. It’s a great place to begin expanding your brand’s internet visibility.

Yet, the average growth of an Instagram business account is less than one month every year.

As a point of reference, Instagram features approximately 200 million different companies. Also, a company should expect a monthly follower increase of +0.98%.

Can this be increased naturally if so? In a word, yes! Here are some tried-and-true methods for expanding your Instagram following and boosting user interaction.

Top Practices for Expanding Your Instagram Following

Your brand might not be growing as quickly as you’d want, even if you’re producing excellent content. In actuality, cultivating natural expansion requires considerable effort. Nonetheless, the future benefits make the effort worthwhile.

In order to speed things up, try these suggestions:

You should aim for a certain subset of people

Although if brands try to appeal to the masses, having a huge number of followers does not guarantee interaction.

More followers often means less interaction, according to the data. If we narrow the focus to a certain subset of the population, the situation changes dramatically.

Instagram’s search engine algorithm favours authoritative sources, thus optimising for it is essential.

Use relevant hashtags and phrases in your post titles, profile, and even your username to boost your visibility. Then, maintain a regular publishing schedule of high-quality articles that are specifically tailored to your target audience.

You Should Edit Your Bio On Instagram

As was just discussed, you may improve your Instagram profile’s discoverability by tweaking your bio. As a result, your brand will be more likely to be highlighted on Instagram’s Explore Page.

Instagram bio optimization involves thinking about your username, hashtags, profile image, and links.

If you want to be taken seriously, your username ought to reflect your expertise. Although your company’s legal name might not include the desired term, you are free to incorporate it into your username.

Make sure any links in your bio take readers to useful resource pages. In this approach, you can direct Instagram users to a conversion-focused landing page.

Use Instagram Reels

The popularity of short-form video has increased dramatically recently. Have a look at TikTok, for example! Even social media sites like Facebook and YouTube are making changes to better support this material.

Instagram has its own version, dubbed “Instagram Reels,” as well. Even the platform itself claims that this is the optimal method for expanding your user base.

It has been determined that 20% of Instagram users’ time is spent watching Reels. Because of this, it has quickly become one of the most popular formats on the service.

Learn when the most eyes will be on your Instagram Reels and use that information to your advantage.

Schedule your updates for maximum impact

Instagram Reels are fantastic assets for promoting a product or service. Nonetheless, there is a wide variety of material from which to choose. Finding the sweet spots to publish them at might offer you a leg up.

Yet, there is no one correct solution to the question of when you should publish your content. One’s audience should always be one’s top priority. When do you recommend having them?

If you go to the “Insights” section of your company profile, choose “Your Audience,” and select the “View All” button, you will see the information you need. You will learn exactly when your target audience is online. Put your updates on a schedule.

Share Your Instagram Photos On Other Networks

If you want more brand recognition, engagement, and followers, cross-posting is a must. Time is also conserved, and your publishing schedules are improved.

When it comes to social media, every user is different. Via cross-posting, you may potentially expand your reach beyond only Facebook and Tiktok.

But, it is not without its flaws. To begin, you won’t be sharing truly original material everywhere. People may become irritated when content first appears on Instagram and then appears on Facebook a few minutes later.

It’s hard to strike a good balance between sharing the same material across several channels and creating unique pieces for each one.

To increase your local audience, use geotags

Geotags are worth exploring if you own a local, small business. Users in the vicinity of your story or post will be able to view it if you include a location tag.

Photos and videos can be further annotated with information about the location. All of this is useful since each Location now has its own Instagram account.

Stickers in Instagram Stories and location hashtags both help people find your content. For local companies, this is a fantastic opportunity to communicate with prospective clients.

Choose Appropriate Hashtags

Using hashtags to promote your brand on social media is the most efficient and successful strategy. It’s all over social media, but especially popular on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

You may increase the exposure of your posts and reach the people who would be most interested in them by using the appropriate hashtags. Hashtag spamming in your articles and bio, however, will not be as productive as it once was.

Target keywords in your niche actively. Identify unopposed #beauty alternatives. You may try narrowing your focus to subsets instead of broad categories.

Use Captions to Your Advantage

A well-written caption has the power to transform an otherwise forgettable image into a classic of online culture. Using high-caliber images or other visual material in a post is not enough. The captions should be carefully crafted as well.

Data from Instagram shows that the typical caption had 405 characters. Yet, the maximum number of characters that may be in a post is 2,200 for this particular site.

There will not be a standard caption size range. You should experiment with it to find what works best with what kind of information.

Certain pictures call for snappy little comments. One person’s ideal form of emoji is probably not another’s long, detailed one.