Do you want your Instagram ads to reach highly valuable users? In need of some inspiration?

This post will teach you how to reach eight of the most lucrative Instagram ad demographics.

The Importance of Gauging Your Audience’s Knowledge and Why You Need It

Knowing the level of awareness of your target demographic is the first step in refining the targeting of your Instagram advertising.

Your prospective customers should fall into one of these categories:

  • TOFU, or top of the funnel: Prospects in this category have probably not yet shown significant interest in your brand’s content and have a low level of awareness. It’s possible that this is their first time visiting your conversion funnel. TOFU prospects respond well to demographic, interest, and behavior-based targeting, especially when combined with one of Instagram’s Awareness ad objectives.
  • Instagram followers who are familiar with your brand but could benefit from more information about your offerings are in the “middle of the funnel” (MOFU). They have already engaged with your brand in some way, whether through seeing a video, saving a post, or visiting your website. You can successfully retarget these leads by using remarketing audiences and the Consideration ad objective.
  • Customers at the bottom of the sales funnel (BOFU) are ready to make a purchase or schedule an appointment. Your advertising campaign need just give them a little nudge. In particular, a Conversion objective will benefit from targeting users who have taken other high-intent actions, such as filling out a lead form.

Audiences Saved

It’s possible that when you initially begin advertising on Instagram to potential TOFU customers, you won’t have a lot of information to work with. Since they aren’t familiar with your company yet, these leads haven’t explored your website, viewed your videos, or contacted you via Instagram DM.

Instead, you should consider your brand’s buyer persona as a starting point. These characteristics can be used to generate a stored audience that can be targeted according to the following criteria:

Location Age Gender Language
Using saved audiences, you may narrow your message to people who share common characteristics such as hobbies, occupations, and political leanings. If you run a B2B company, you might advertise to corporate executives or to the employees of local small businesses. Your B2C company can do the same by focusing on local homes and residents.

Custom Audiences for Instagram Accounts

No matter what stage of the marketing funnel you’re looking to fill, Instagram may be a great source of audience data. Targeting BOFU consumers can yield the biggest short-term gains, but expanding your reach to other demographics will help you reap more rewards in the long run.

Targeted Viewers in Videos

Have you been using Instagram to share interesting videos? Users who have seen and interacted with your videos may be amenable to being retargeted. You may go rather specific when developing this type of audience thanks to the richness of Instagram’s video-based targeting possibilities.
You can retarget individuals who engaged with your content less deeply (but still viewed at least 3 seconds or 25% of your video) with a Call-to-Action-to-Focus (TOFU) audience. You could target this population with an ad set and the Traffic ad objective to get them to read a specific blog post.

Customised Audiences for Websites

Your website’s analytics will be more useful if you get a substantial volume of visitors. While it’s possible to display ads to anybody who visits your site, doing so is unlikely to yield optimal results.
Two simple strategies for using Instagram advertisements to benefit from your website’s data:

If your organisation provides a variety of services, focus on customers who have explored just one of those options. The next step is to come up with ad concepts that will interest these viewers. A Video Views ad objective, for instance, might be used to spread word about a service and its benefits.
Does your company’s blog cater to customers with specific requests? If you want to influence their purchase choice, you should remarket to them with more pertinent material. You may go even more specific by selecting visitors who have visited specific web pages several times and so have a higher propensity to click on your advertising.

Using Website Events to Target a Specific Audience

Instagram advertisements also allow you to target users depending on actions taken on your website. Start by configuring Facebook pixel events to begin tracking user behaviour on your site.

Then, select the occasion that most closely characterises the target group for your remarketing efforts. With the Conversions ad goal, for instance, you can focus on individuals who have already completed your lead event. These potential customers are more likely to convert because they are part of a BOFU audience, and they could bring in a great deal of revenue for your brand.

Use Forms to Create Targeted Groups of Customers

You may get even more value out of your data if your team has already run an Instagram ad with the Lead Form aim. Build a target demographic for your Instagram advertisements from those who have interacted with your lead form.
You can reach out to these Instagrammers in two specific ways:

  • Follow up with visitors who viewed the lead form but didn’t fill it out. Conversations with these leads can be kicked off with the help of a Consideration objective like Messages. You can do this in a number of ways, such as by inviting them to learn more, offering them a free trial, or addressing any concerns they may have about making a purchase.
  • People who filled out your lead form should be remarketed to. There’s a strong possibility you’ve already tried to get in touch with them via the stated phone number and email address. If your company has a physical location, you can keep your brand in the minds of potential customers and nudge them towards making a purchase by retargeting them with a Conversions ad.