Do you want to start streaming on TikTok but have some concerns? This post is for you if you want to learn more about TikTok LIVE, its functions, and how to broadcast live. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of TikTok LIVE, including how to get started, what you’ll need, and some helpful hints to keep in mind before you go live for the first time. TikTok LIVE: what is it?
Via livestreams, viewers can engage with creators on TikTok in real time with the help of the TikTok LIVE tool. Launching a livestream on TikTok requires users to be at least 16 years old, and users aged 18 or older are able to send and receive presents during a live.

TikTok users must follow the community guidelines or risk having their accounts suspended and losing access to TikTok LIVE.

Advantages of TikTok’s Live Streaming Functions

If you want to connect with your TikTok audience and grow your following, going live is the way to do it. The software provides tools to enhance the live broadcasting experience for both broadcasters and their audiences.
Among the many great options are:


Creators can interact with viewers by answering their questions in real time using the Q&A function. The creators are provided with a set of tools that allow them to filter out unwanted inquiries and focus on those they find most pertinent.


Using a panel or grid arrangement, users of TikTok can broadcast with up to five guests at once. This function is great for holding town hall meetings, live tutorial videos, and other group gatherings.

True-to-life situations

Followers of your page can be prepared for your Live by scheduling, managing, and promoting it in advance.


During a live stream, viewers who love your material and are members of the TikTok Creator Next Program can reward you with badges that have monetary worth. These bonuses are restricted to personal accounts and people above the age of 18 (unless you’re located in South Korea or Japan, where the age requirement is 19 or 20).

When broadcasting, you can delegate chatroom moderation to other users to keep the conversation civil and on-topic.

Funds Accepted In Real Time

You can have your viewers donate to a cause of your choosing by using the LIVE Donations button on TikTok. Choose your benefactor before or during your broadcast. Donations can be prepared in advance of the flow by doing the following:

  • Choose “Non-profit” link at top right corner.
  • Choose the charity you’d like to feature on your broadcast.
  • To broadcast live, click the “Go LIVE” button after the charity you want to support shows in the upper left corner.

Donations during the stream can be set up in a few simple steps:

  • To access other controls, select the arrow on the right side of the bottom.
  • Choose “Help a Non-Profit Organization.”
  • Choose an existing charity to support.
  • Insert the contribution button wherever you choose on the real-time display.

Actual Discussions

If you want to prepare your viewers for your livestream, this is a great option. DIY, games, food, and music are just some of the LIVE Topics available. The use of LIVE Topics can also increase the number of people who stumble into your livestream and decide to tune in because of the subject matter you’re discussing at the moment.

  • Start by opening the app and tapping the plus button to go live on TikTok.
  • Choose the “LIVE” button.
  • Give it a name.
  • After you’re ready, hit the “Go Live” button.

Access the recording for up to 90 days after your live by navigating to the “settings and privacy” tab and clicking “LIVE replay.” You will then have the option to either delete or download your live video.

How many likes need to go live?

In TikTok, you need a thousand or more followers before you may broadcast live. The app has this safeguard in place to make sure its users are only sending out information that will genuinely interest their followers.

Joining a Live TikTok Session: A Guide

To join another user’s TikTok LIVE, simply send them a request. All it takes is a click on the desired webcast to get started. Then, select the two-people icon in the comments box. If you need a reference, send a request now. You can only join a TikTok Live if the host agrees to have you.
Suggestions for Streaming on TikTok

Find out when your target demographic is most likely to use the app

Providing a more customised experience and targeted ads will help you attract and engage your ideal customers. This will reveal the times of day during which app usage is highest.

Provide context

When a live performance has poor lighting, I immediately click away.

Getting the lights set up in advance is the first order of business.

Your next requirement should be a peaceful space. The more distractions there are, the harder it will be to keep the audience’s attention, therefore try to keep the noise levels down.

You should have a defined purpose and plan

It’s important to have a plan in place for how you want your audience to respond whenever you contact with them. This can include everything from boosting recognition of your company to gathering information about your target demographic to attracting new visitors to your website to producing new leads.

Outline your message once you have determined your objective. It’s the best way to get your point through and accomplish what you set out to do.
appoint a moderator.

During your broadcast, you can appoint a user to act as a moderator to keep the chatroom orderly and pleasant for everyone involved.

There are always going to be bots and trolls in a chat, and they will serve only to divert your attention away from the genuine messages being sent to you by your audience.