How To Take Your Instagram Engagement To The Next Level

Maintaining consistency in aesthetics and doing social listening can both help to build engagement. The majority of digital marketers recognize the benefits of having an Instagram account, at least in theory. It is imperative to stand out from the crowd in today’s extremely competitive social media landscape by utilizing all the features Instagram provides at your disposal. Here are four suggestions you can use to increase your chances of achieving engagement, whether you choose to utilize ads or not.

Develop a visual identity for your business

How would you describe your profile as memorable? Do you make the best use of the time and resources available to you? You can save time in the long run by establishing guidelines for your Instagram profile’s visual branding as it provides a consistent set of guidelines to follow for future posts.

  • Guidelines for using the brand logo
  • Graphic elements tailored to a particular brand
  • Photographic styles for profiles
  • Emojis or special characters of preference

Determining these beforehand has the advantage of not only making it easier to think of what to design for your future posts, but also reinforces a consistent image in the minds of your readers. In this way, the next time they see one of your posts in their news feed, they will immediately associate it with your brand – without mentioning your account name.


How important is it for your brand to appear composed and professional? What about minimalist and contemporary design? A fun, quirky approach can work as well-it all depends on what is defined as part of your wider digital marketing strategy. Instagram is a visual stimulation site, so the content that is most pleasing to the eye will receive the most rewards. The content on Instagram can, however, resemble one another after a while. In order to combat this, you must use all the tools you have at your disposal to play with your defined brand colors. A more creative approach is preferable. Try adding branded borders to some of your posts and stark contrasts to other posts. We intend to create a collection of posts that look different and function differently while being connected by similar features. With a good app on hand, this process becomes considerably easier. Having said that, remember to apply this same principle to your Stories posts as well!


Listening to social media is simply doing your research. The idea is to keep your eyes open for current and upcoming trends and see what people have to say about your brand, as well as to build a community of people by interacting with them. You will be able to discover the underlying pulse of conversations just waiting to happen, which can significantly increase your engagement if you buy Instagram likes monthly for the recent content you uploaded to your feed. By posting about the right things in the right way, with the right context, keywords, and hashtags, you can create an impact and become the epicenter of a trend. There are several built-in features on Instagram that can assist you with this task. An Instagram update just recently implemented the ability to see who is tagging your brand in Instagram Stories in ‘Creator’ mode, which can be clicked to view and easily shared. As an alternative, you can let your notifications pile up in Direct Messages. You can also access the Explore section on Instagram so that you can see some of the most popular hashtags used on Instagram and the accompanying posts that key influencers within your industry are sharing.

Final Words

Be sure to integrate Instagram into your digital marketing strategy, be confident in your brand, and engage with your followers.

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