Now that a new year has begun, it’s difficult to think back to a time before Instagram. As evidenced by its over a billion users, Instagram is not going anywhere anytime soon.

I could spend more time at the beginning of this piece citing statistics on corporate Instagram use, but I think you already know that your company requires an account (and I would wager that the vast majority of you are currently advertising on Instagram). The Ultimate Guide to Advertising on Instagram is a great resource for anyone considering advertising on Instagram but who has yet to do so. One of my favourite kinds of advertisements is the Instagram carousel ad, and that’s what I’ll be discussing today.

Advertisements in the form of a carousel on Instagram

Advertisements on Instagram may now take the shape of carousels, allowing users to scroll through a series of photos or videos in a single post. Advertisers using Instagram carousel advertisements have the option of including clickable calls to action, customising the text that appears below each image, and linking to external websites. Ads like this work wonderfully for any sector that relies heavily on visually appealing content and wants to showcase a number of distinct perspectives or items from the same category.

Carousel advertising on Instagram: what makes them so great?

“With more creative space within an ad, you may emphasise multiple items, exhibit precise information about one produce, service, or offer, or construct a story about your brand that evolves throughout each carousel card,” adds Facebook, Instagram’s parent firm.

Ad recommendations for Instagram carousels

Now that you know what these advertisements are, it is essential that you grasp the rules governing the composition of your advertisement to avoid having it rejected by the platform.

When you start working on your ad, there are a few things to remember in terms of design and technical specifications.

Ten images or videos max.
Two photographs or videos are required at a minimum.
Images may be saved in jpg or png format.
For length, 60 seconds is the limit at 4GB.
Limiting picture text to 20% or less
Subsequent text to an image: 2,200 for up to two rows
Limit of 30 hashtags per SMS message.
Reach, Conversions, Traffic, Lead Creation, Brand Awareness, Catalog Sales, Store Traffic, App Installs, Messages, and Other Objectives All Welcomed
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Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed are both available for advertising.

Instagram carousel ad strategies for success

Ads that adhere to the platform’s design and technological standards will be displayed, but as an advertiser, you know that this is just the beginning of the process. Let’s get down to the juicy details that will make or break your Instagram carousel advertising. Here are a few tips for creating Instagram carousel advertisements that will make your audience go crazy.

Strategically focusing on each individual audience

If you’ve ever advertised on Facebook or Instagram, you know how unbelievably wonderful the targeting is. You can reach your audience, whether they are youthful Texan residents with a penchant for online furniture buying or a soccer mom in Maine who likes reading fiction books and eating shellfish. You’re free to go into as much depth as you’d like, but don’t procrastinate.

With Instagram’s extensive targeting tools, you can create specific carousel advertisements for each audience segment based on their interests, demographics, and where they are in the purchase process. In order to maximise the efficiency of your marketing dollars, it is essential that you segment your audiences for each of your initiatives. With so many users, this piece of advice is especially pertinent for Instagram carousel advertisements; you’ve spent a lot of time and money on these ads, so you want to make sure they reach the right people at the appropriate moment.

Keep the text as important as the pictures

That’s the whole point of Instagram—the pictures. Yeah, absolutely, but it’s as important to give careful consideration to the text of your Instagram carousel ad. When you’re spending money to achieve a certain objective, you should employ every available method of persuasion.

Spend some time on interesting, appealing ad language that sits below your photographs. Without it, it will be quite difficult to communicate effectively with site visitors. It’s important to be straightforward, call-to-action, and convincing in your Instagram captions.

There’s no need to fill up all 10 available picture spaces

Friends, sometimes little is more. Consider all the photos and videos that are already uploaded on Instagram. As people swipe through your ad, how many do you think will really look at all 10 images? Maybe, if you tell a captivating enough tale, but why not try to make your point using as few as possible high-quality photographs instead?
Oftentimes, the most successful kind of advertising is a straightforward carousel.

Tempt your audience with bargains!

To be told, Instagram users will need a strong reason to switch platforms. Similar to a black hole, the social network swallows up time and energy. Who hasn’t found themselves staying up an extra hour due of Instagram? The site has a high potential for dependence. That’s why you need a reward to help your grammers kick their Instagram habit once and for all…

A time-sensitive offer is the perfect method to entice Instagram users to jump ship. Carousel advertising are perfect for any kind of promotion, whether it’s free delivery, a percentage off, or a buy one get one free deal. This Instagram ad structure allows you to showcase several different discounts within a single ad.

Put some thought into your call-to-action

It’s easy to settle for the first call to action that makes any sense when selecting CTAs for a carousel ad. Yet, this isn’t the most effective method of gaining support. Take some time to consider the offer carefully and double-check that the call to action makes sense. Nothing is more frustrating than responding to a call to action just to find out that the offer isn’t what you were expecting (for instance, if you wanted to purchase something but were then led to an ebook landing page or vice versa).