Instagram has revolutionised online photo sharing. It moved from being a network where only hipsters shared filtered photographs of their meals to being the de facto standard. Moreover, Instagram offers a lot more than just a platform to share food photos if you have the right network. To me, it’s like the next big thing after Flickr. Instagram has been a great place for me to discover new photographers and stunning artwork over the past several years.

Despite its many strengths, Instagram refuses to abandon its square image format, and I doubt this will change any time soon.Constraints may be a great source of inspiration. However, there are situations when pictures can’t be cropped. On Instagram, a selfie taken with five pals will only show four faces. Instagram squares may be problematic when trying to capture expansive views, especially those found in nature.

With these Android and iOS applications, you’ll never have to trim a photo until absolutely necessary again.

Android’s InstaSize

InstaSize is great since it looks and functions much like Instagram’s native editing interface. So, it’s dark, there’s an image at the top, and the menu selections slide across the bottom. Those familiar with Instagram will feel at home here.

In addition, the app has a tonne of useful functions. And I enjoy how everything can be accessed from one single screen.

Before beginning to crop an image, you may get a preview of it in its entirety within the programme. You may now begin working on the revisions. Making use of the white space surrounding an image is one of my favourite things to do. You can have it in its default white colour, but that’s not all that’s possible. Backgrounds may be changed in InstaSize using the “Borders” menu. The “Blur” feature is my go-to selection. Simply said, it allows you to use another image from your gallery as a blurred backdrop for the current image you’re working with. When done properly, it has a very nifty appearance.

Instagram (on Android): Don’t Crop Your Photos

The functionality of No Crop Pic on Instagram is similar to that of InstaSize, but the user interface is completely different. The software is filled with advertisements, and there is no way to turn them off. In addition, the app’s editing choices are separated, rather than all appearing on a single screen.

However, the programme fared well in my tests, and its “Blur” feature is superior to that of InstaSize. By just clicking a button, I can blur the foreground and place the identical image in the background. I have to actively seek out a picture to use in InstaSize.

iPhones can’t be cropped

The aforementioned Android app is quite similar to No Crop. The instagram is a user interface is quite straightforward. In addition to the usual array of colours and patterns, it also offers a blur function.

You have the floor now. Which Instagram applications do you find most useful? Tell us about it in the feedback section.