Mastering the art of Instagram Stories is crucial if you want to increase your follower count on the platform. With the correct Instagram Stories, you can quickly and effectively boost your Instagram following. You may quickly differentiate yourself from the crowd by making innovative use of the feature’s vast potential. Now, who doesn’t enjoy keeping up with fresh, original material on Instagram?

That’s why we’re here to help, with some clever design tips and techniques that will increase your Instagram followers and likes.

Make Sure Your Instagram Stories Are the Right Size

If you’re a digital designer or just really enjoy posting beautiful photos to your Instagram feed, you should get the hang of choosing the proper Instagram Stories size. Instagram, unlike other social networking sites, heavily use the vertical (smartphone screen size) format for the vast majority of their postings. Instagram Stories on full screen are stunning to view, especially when they feature visually appealing photographs or video.

Instagram allows you to customise your story’s background colour.

We know you’ll appreciate us telling you this now, but you know it’s advice you’ll wish you’d gotten sooner. The backdrop colour of your Instagram Story may be changed. Continue with your regular Instagram routine of re-sharing a post from your feed or a page you follow. However, before you upload, you’ll need to select a colour by tapping the sketch button in the top right corner of the screen.

When sharing content, it’s advisable to do it on a backdrop that complements the post’s dominant or secondary colour scheme. Hovering the colour picker over the article will give you the precise hue. To make that colour the backdrop of your post, tap and hold for one to three seconds.

Combine Your Instagram Stories Into One

Instagram now has a multi-capture feature, perfect for the visual storyteller who likes to post a series of photographs to their narrative. The Instagram Stories multi-capture button is located on the page’s left side.

Take up to ten images at once, examine them, and add only the best ones to your tale. Each photo in the series can have its own filter applied, and you can remove any image from the set that you don’t want to appear in the Instagram Story. When you’re through reviewing, hit “publish,” and the first image will go live with the text.

Engage Your Audience with Suspenseful Tales

Curious posts often receive the most likes and comments on Instagram. Use the solid colour and rubber tools together to reveal a hidden picture. How? The first step is to add the image to your Instagram story. Select the draw button (this will be your solid foreground colour) and a colour on the edit page. Now, switch to the eraser tool by clicking the arrow in the brush tool’s upper right corner.

Create an erasable design in which certain elements are visible while others are concealed. The engagement of your Instagram stories may be increased your followers a captivating description with a hint of suspense or by asking questions like “guess the location.” The photograph will be unveiled a few hours after this story is published.

Plan Ahead for Consistency With Your Instagram Stories

If you want to boost interaction and audience growth across all of your social media profiles, consistency is crucial. Maintaining a steady rate of growth in your Instagram following requires a commitment to regular posting. It’s simple to plan out an Instagram Story with the help of internet tools like Later and Hootsuite, which provide scheduler services that will automatically publish at a specified time for you.

Since there is no obvious way to plan a story on Instagram, it might be difficult to figure out how to do so. The Facebook Business Suite was not able to schedule Instagram Stories until the May 2021 changes that enabled cross-platform functionalities between Facebook and Instagram.

It’s Possible to Hide Hashtags and @Mentions
There is a simple workaround you may utilise if you value aesthetics but don’t want any hashtags or mentions to stand out and make it appear apparent. Even better, you may still utilise tags and supplement them with pertinent hashtags.

Surely you understand how it functions by now, right? If you didn’t, all you had to do to get the tags to show up below the post was forget to do it. Adding tags and hashtags in preparation for a reshare is all that’s required. When you click the post a second time, the tags will be hidden quickly. Put an end to ugly tags and references forever.

If you enjoy playing around with augmented reality filters in applications like Zoom to alter your default background, you’ll also enjoy using Instagram Stories to showcase stunning, personalised backdrops.

Green Screen is used to create unique backgrounds.

When it comes to Instagram’s Stories function, filters are proving to be a huge deal-maker. Now, unlike any other social media network, creators have a versatile customisation option that encourages them to think outside the box and develop original, ground-breaking ideas. The ability to change or remove a scene’s background using green screen technology is a popular effect.

Briefly Stated…

Instagram Stories is a wonderful place to let your imagination run wild. There is an almost infinite number of ways to experiment with the app’s many creative tools, including as its sketching, sticker, audio, link, swipe-up story, and filter capabilities. Try different combinations to see if you can come up with Instagram Stories that are both original and visually appealing. Maintaining a steady stream of new Instagram Stories will help increase interaction and attract more viewers and followers.