Trending to Watch in 2023 on Instagram

While Instagram continues to be one of the most popular platforms for marketers, it can be difficult for them to stay on top of the most recent Instagram developments. The platform has more updates per year than Beyoncé does Grammy nominations. No cap.

Even though Adam Mosseri and his team are working hard to make the app more user-friendly—the most recent feature announced to be implemented is the simplification of the navigation menu—still it’s challenging for marketers to keep up with the most recent Instagram trends and fully capitalise on them.

In 2023, brand growth on Instagram will benefit from the most promising Instagram trends, which are deserving of your attention. 

1. Give reels top importance

The era of rapid and simple content consumption is upon us. TikTok’s meteoric increase in popularity is therefore not surprising. Customers of Instagram could not ignore or undervalue the influence of TikTok’s short videos. So, it didn’t take them long to introduce a comparable function on their platform.

Reels are brief, vertically-filmed videos that, like TikTok videos, are devoted to a variety of topics, primarily current social media phenomena like jokes, dances, parodies, etc. Several of these trends originated on TikTok and spread like wildfire on Instagram.

So, it only makes sense to ask why TikTok material gets removed off the platform. The explanation is straightforward: Instagram provides considerably more content diversity. In addition to making films in the TikTok style, you can also produce videos from photographs on your profile or Stories, publish feed videos, and much more.

Many content producers choose to have their cake and eat it too—that is, utilise both—since there is no dispute as to which platform they should choose. You might use this strategy to promote your brand: be inspired, then publish the material on the two networks while making a few minor formatting adjustments. To expand the reach of your company, it’s a smart idea to invite your TikTok fans to follow you on Instagram and to share your Reels on your Facebook page.

2. Keep an eye out for fresh features and content

Although Instagram is heavily advertising the Reels feature in an effort to compete with TikTok, other forms of content continue to develop on the platform, which is awesome. Some of them have been on the platform for a long, while others have only lately come into view.

The chance to develop interactive material is among the most fascinating instances. Instagram provided a private beta programme in 2018 for users to test augmented reality (AR) filters on Instagram stories. With the addition of picture layers in the foreground or background, it is now possible to create captivating photos and movies as a fully-fledged feature. For instance, here is how Coca-Cola invites its Indian customers to join them in celebrating the celebration of Diwali.

Users of the platform are accustomed to Instagram polls, and many producers have been using poll stickers in their Stories since 2019. The stickers formerly only had two responses. Everything changed in 2022, when Instagram’s engineers introduced up to four poll alternatives. Businesses may now discover more about their customers’ preferences in products, viewpoints, beliefs, and much more.

You may be aware that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Meta and owner of Instagram, is completely enamoured with the concept of the metaverse. Zuckerberg has already begun constructing and incorporating elements of the future metaverse into the current initiatives, one of which is Instagram Avatars, even though the metaverse by Meta is still mainly considered to be under construction.

3. Visit UGC creators

It’s important to remember that brand advocates can also independently produce content. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to show their passion and dedication to a company and to draw more attention to their profile. Since it enables them to encourage their followers to convert into leads more quickly, brands adore user-generated content (UGC). It’s no secret that internet evaluations have a big influence on customer purchasing decisions.

4. Use Instagram sales

With good reason, Instagram is the second-most popular medium in the world for conducting business. Instagram producers have spent years perfecting their selling points. They increased their shopping possibilities in 2020 and made it possible for companies to integrate the Shop function directly into their profiles. Also, they allowed companies the ability to sell their goods through direct messaging starting in 2022.

5. Provide story connections

Including links in profile information, stories, feed posts, and other areas of Instagram is a widespread practise for both companies and regular Instagram users. It’s a fast approach for companies to market their e-commerce platform or promote their sites on other social media networks. Yet, when adding links to Stories, they often appear out of place and don’t fit the tone of the brand or the story.

6. Instagram SEO will endure

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO), which helps firms rank well in search engines like Google by optimising sites and queries online. Surprise! Surprise! The same applies to Instagram material that you post.

7. Collaborate in the right way with the appropriate brands.

Instagram marketers are not new to working with specialised and industry influencers. It has always been successful to grow the audience and raise brand recognition by collaborating on advertising material with people who people listen to and admire.