Do you seek to expand your company’s customer base?

You know that, right?

At Zen Media, we specialise in digital marketing techniques that boost brand recognition and customer involvement to assist our clients reach the next level of commercial success.

Establishing a strong presence on social media channels like Instagram, the popular photo editing and sharing social network, is crucial if you want to rise to the top in your sector.

As we’ve already discussed, your social media marketing strategy and methods should include using Instagram for marketing and the rising significance of mobile marketing in general.
Instagram is one of the most potent and effective channels for marketing your brand, with over 500 million monthly active users and 80 million photographs submitted every day.

To spice things up, Instagram just announced a brand new “Stories” feature that will provide you with an intriguing new medium through which to communicate with your intended audience.

Instagram Stories: what are they?

Instagram’s newest feature, “Stories,” lets users record and share short videos and photos to document and discuss fleeting moments in their lives.

Like the popular mobile app Snapchat, this lets users shoot and edit short, lighthearted videos with the help of a variety of filters, special effects, and text/drawing tools.
Each user’s unique “story” is constructed from a slideshow of their collected images and videos.

Overposting is reduced thanks to Stories because people can hide their photographs and videos from their own and others’ feeds.

Like Snapchat’s design for fleeting content, Instagram Stories allow users to produce an unlimited amount of content, all of which vanishes after 24 hours.
Promotional Strategies for Instagram Stories

Get your feet wet

You should familiarise yourself with the features and how they work before you start making tales for your company.

Let’s begin with the basics of writing a story:

When you first launch Instagram, touch the + sign in the app’s upper left corner.
To snap a picture, tap the round button at the bottom of the screen once; to record a short video, press the button down.
Add text captions or use the filter/drawing tools to edit your photo or video.
To publish your updated material, simply tap the checkbox.
When you have a better grasp of tale construction, you can go to the next stage.

Make a wide range of content types

Because of Instagram’s visual nature, maintaining your following requires regular posts of original and interesting material.

Why do people like using Instagram? Variety.

In order to stand out and gain an active Instagram following, you should aim to include:

Filters, emoticons, and captions add flair to a photo.
Pictures of yourself, your coworkers, or the whole company
Video clips of your business that are either funny or educational
Vlogs made by teens about current events
The more varied the stuff you share, the more people you’ll reach and keep interested.

Enlist the aid of your group

When you’re on your own, it might be difficult and time-consuming to think of a wide range of innovative and intriguing content for your Instagram Story.

Look to your team for some fresh perspectives to help ease the load.

Here are some fantastic approaches of encouraging teamwork:

Let your team shine. You should send out an email to your staff asking for Instagram models. This will provide you a pool of potential brand ambassadors to approach for your story.

Don’t try to be flawless

Stories, in contrast to the typical Instagram post, should be short and unpolished, which may be a hard pill to swallow for content creators used to catering to Instagram’s highly visual nature.

Oftentimes, the posts that take the most time and effort to edit and produce will not get as much attention as the stories you generate that are candid and hilarious.

You probably aren’t a professional photographer or videographer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Instagram to advertise your business.

Capturing engaging and genuine moments to share on your tales can help your audience feel more connected to your brand.

The Last Word

The new Instagram Stories feature is yet another fantastic resource for expanding your brand and connecting with your target demographic via social media.

Instagram’s community of over 500 million monthly users represents a veritable untapped market on every continent.

This new and flexible tool has the potential to let you reach a massive and receptive audience with your visual content in a way that no one else can.

You should utilise Instagram Stories to market your business if you already have or want to grow an active following on the platform.