Today, we are releasing updates to Facebook and Instagram that will streamline the process of managing numerous accounts and profiles.

We know that many of our users have many of our applications installed, each serving a different purpose, audience, or facet of their personality. This is why we’ve made it easier to create new profiles and to swap between existing ones.

Quickly Switch Between Two Popular Social Media Platforms

To begin, we’re rolling out a new profile-switching interface that streamlines the process of checking alerts and moving between Facebook and Instagram.

If a person has their Facebook and Instagram accounts linked in one central location, they may quickly and simply toggle between the two platforms. In addition, users may now view both their Facebook and Instagram accounts side by side. Each profile’s notifications may be viewed in one place, streamlining your ability to monitor your social media accounts in real time.

This new experience is now being tested on iOS, Android, and the web on a worldwide scale.

Make Profiles and Accounts in a Snap

We’re also updating the process of signing up for and logging into both Facebook and Instagram to make it more convenient for users.

If you already have a Facebook or Instagram account, you may use it to sign up for more of our products. Those who have accounts on both Facebook and Instagram may now just use their Facebook credentials to access their Instagram account, and vice versa, provided that both accounts are linked to the same Accounts Centre.

Our global iOS and Android beta testing is well underway.

Safe Construction Practises

Each of these new capabilities uses the Meta name and logo to make it immediately obvious that the feature in question is compatible with many Meta technologies and to streamline the user experience.

Existing security features will continue to apply to the changes we are making today; security and privacy of your accounts are always our top priority. If a user enables two-factor authentication on Facebook, for instance, an unauthorised device won’t be able to access their profile by entering their Instagram credentials.

You can be certain that you will always be up-to-date on the happenings in all of your accounts thanks to the notifications that will be sent to you whenever a new account is established using your current account or when an account is added to your Accounts Centre. At long last, users have control over which of their profiles is displayed throughout the profile-switching process, as well as which accounts can share a single login.

While these updates only affect Facebook and Instagram for the time being, we will keep looking for ways to enhance cross-app functionality across all of our products.

New Features for Virtual Goods

Instagram is working on a way for creators to create and sell digital items to their followers. They will have access to a full set of resources for everything from ideation (on the Polygon blockchain) through promotion and sales. Instagram has made it simple for fans to show their appreciation for their favourite authors by purchasing digital souvenirs from them. We’re starting with a limited number of US-based authors to try out these new capabilities before rolling them out internationally.

Fan Appreciation for Artists

Across our applications, we’re making it simpler for fans to support their favourite creators, which in turn strengthens the creator’s community and grows their company.

The Instagram Subscribe button

We’re opening up Instagram subscriptions to additional U.S. producers so they can generate steady revenue and form stronger bonds with their most devoted fans. Creators like Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse), Alan Chow (@alanchikinchow), and Skai Jackson (@skaijackson) have used subscriptions to become closer to their most devoted fans since we introduced them earlier this year.

Gifts and Stars

By enabling Stars by default on all public creator material, including Reels, we are making it easier for users to find Stars on Facebook. This expands the availability of information on and access to Stars throughout Facebook. We have chosen a small subset of worldwide creators to pilot this with.

To make it simpler for creators to receive Stars and communicate with their fans who have sent them, we are releasing the following additional features:

Stars’ Party is coming to Reels. If the challenger of a Stars Party achieves their aim, the Stars community throws a party in their honour.
A new system of virtual presents based on the recipient’s interests is being tested. If you’re viewing a compilation of puppies made by your favourite pet maker, you may give them a present related to dogs.
Facilitating communication between creators and those who send them Stars by, for example, centralising a creator’s Stars remarks in the remarks Manager.