The question of how to boost your Instagram account’s engagement rate has recently risen to the forefront of online conversations.

The days of becoming a famous influencer just by amassing a large number of Instagram followers are over.

Brands intending to partner with influencers on a marketing campaign now consider the influencer’s engagement rate to be the single most essential measure.

Suggestions for Naturally Boosting Your Instagram Engagement Rate:

In the past, having a large number of followers on Instagram was sufficient to be recognised as an influencer.

As influencer marketing gains traction, companies care considerably more about the quality of interactions with consumers than they do about increasing their audience size.

Recent blogging statistics highlight the significance of developing your own platform and readership off of Instagram as a means of creating a more varied business companies will want to deal with.

Be careful to maintain a lively conversation with your expanding Instagram following.

Publish Interesting Material:

Prioritise the publication of high-quality articles. Without it, no amount of effort put into increasing participation will bear fruit.The internet today provides consumers with an abundance of information, which may be overwhelming. You need to provide material that not only interests your audience, but also compels them to take action.

Since Instagram is primarily a visual sharing medium, your images should be exceptional.

Beautiful, colourful images are the most eye-catching.

Be careful to use a high-quality camera and edit your images so that they reflect your personal style.

Make sure you have a call to action:

Putting a call to action in your content is the first step in engaging your audience.

Directing people in the direction you want them to go is an effective strategy to boost engagement on its own.

Captions can include calls to action (CTAs) if they are worded in a way that is both engaging and direct.

You may increase the number of comments you receive by asking people about their weekend plans or having them tag their friends.

Tags for this Location:

Pictures posted with a location tag receive 79% more likes and comments than those without a location tag.

Instagram users may increase their visibility by having their photos appear higher in the explore feed by adding the location tag.

Instagram stories are the same way. To boost interest in your Instagram tales, use the location sticker.

Commentary Response

Did you know that the latest Instagram update favours those that actively engage with their audience? That’s right! Involvement begets involvement.

If you don’t take the time to really respond to everyone who has connected with your posts recently, you can’t expect to have more likes and comments for future articles.

Try something new! An unflinching “thanks” to a praise puts an end to the exchange. In its place, you should elaborate on your story or pose a related question to further engage the audience with the image.

By engaging with your audience and responding to their feedback, you may increase the likelihood that they will start following you.

And remember that each remark you respond to boosts your engagement score.

Make Use of Hashtags

Including a hashtag in an Instagram post increases interaction by 12.6% compared to posting without one. Hashtags are that important!

Users who are interested in the hashtags you’re using can be brought into your conversation. This increases your chances of being included on the explore pages of individuals who are interested in that particular subject.

However, in order to be seen in search results, you must use hashtags that are pertinent to your particular field.

Check out the competition and research popular and highly engaged hashtags in your sector.

HashAtIt, HashTracking, and Keyhole are just a few of the tools you may use to discover the best hashtags for your website.

Instagram Contests

One of the most effective techniques to boost your Instagram engagement rate is to host a contest.

Hosting a like-to-win or comment-to-win contest will yield the best results if you’re trying to increase participation.

Official Instagram Engagement Boosting Techniques:

Don’t let problems with the new algorithm and the rising tide of bogus followers slow you down.

If you want to increase your engagement rates in the proper way, you can do it with the help of a few tried-and-true methods.


The Kicksta Instagram marketing solution facilitates the natural and organic linking of businesses and influencers with their respective audiences. The secret is to discover and interact with active Instagram users who will be genuinely interested in your account.

Kicksta guarantees real, organic development for your Instagram account without resorting to phoney followers because they have worked with over 10,000 companies and influencers.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Don’t give up if you aren’t immediately able to get partnerships with major businesses.

It takes effort to build a dedicated fan base and earn outstanding participation. You might start by forming partnerships with other influencers that have a comparable number of followers or with smaller, local firms.

Any kind of partnership, no matter how big or little, may help you reach more people and expand your business.

Groups for Participation on Instagram:

Envision an intimate community of people who share interests and who freely exchange information and opinions. The similar idea underlies the operation of an Instagram engagement group.

Instagram pods are communities of users that regularly communicate via direct messaging to discuss and recommend each other’s latest Instagram posts.

Members of the group will interact with your postings by liking and commenting on them.

Your turn…

It is crucial for an influencer to maintain communication not just with their audience but also with Instagram’s ever-evolving ecology.