It’s not hard to see why Instagram has become so popular as a place to distribute short video clips. Instagram Stories capture a sense of spontaneity and closeness that a regular post can’t. Therefore it’s no surprise that 70% of Instagrammers report using Stories more often than the feed.

Of course, there’s also Instagram Reels. Reels, which take inspiration from TikTok, are short-form films that appear to be Stories at first sight, but contain intriguing characteristics that make them their own.

In what ways do these two forms of media vary from one another? How do you determine the best format for your needs? What’s more, how can you maximise the potential of every type of content?

In this article, we’ll explore Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories, and address the questions above (and more) along the way.

Instagram Stories explain

Using Instagram’s Stories feature, you may publish a string of 15-second clips containing photographs and videos.

Instagram Stories was introduced in 2016 as a direct competitor to Snapchat’s stories, letting users post photos and videos to their profile and have them appear in the feed of their friends and followers in the order you want.
Instagram Stories are temporary and only available for 15 seconds (unless you choose to preserve it in “highlighted Stories” beneath your profile).

What exactly are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are vertical films up to 90 seconds in length that may be shared on the social media platform. Create compelling short films with ease using Instagram’s robust video editing capabilities.

Stories have a 24-hour shelf life, whereas Reels remain permanently. These will be stored indefinitely unless you remove them.

Can you explain the distinction between Instagram Stories and Reels?

The main distinctions between Instagram Stories and Reels are outlined here.


Instagram Reels may be up to 90 seconds long, making them six times longer than the maximum length for an Instagram Story (up to 15 seconds).

Instagram Reels is the superior choice if you want to make longer, more in-depth videos. For more immediate video material, though, Instagram Stories are where it’s at.


You may share momentary updates with friends and followers by posting an Instagram Story to your profile. To document your day in up to 24 hours of video, images, or posts, utilise the Storytelling feature.

Instagram Stories may be kept forever by downloading the video to your smartphone or adding it to your highlights. The video will always be viewable beneath the user’s bio.

“Reels” are short, original videos that may be found on your feed as individual posts (which you can share as a Story, just like you would a post).

Reels, in contrast to Stories, will always be accessible on your account (unless you delete them). Making Reels is the way to go if you want to advertise your company with evergreen material.


Instagram Reels, as opposed to Instagram Stories, may be discovered using hashtags, audio, and the Explore stream. Those who are not already following you or seeing your profile cannot view your stories.

If a user is seeing your Stories and wants to learn more about you, they may do so either by visiting your profile page or by continuing to swipe left in the Stories viewer.

Everyone on the internet, regardless of whether or not they are following you, may be drawn in by using Reels. If you want people to stay on your website and check out more than just your Content, then you need to give them a reason to.


Instagram Reels, like other Instagram posts, allow for public commenting. This is fantastic for interaction and will boost your Reels’ discoverability in the Explore tab.

Direct messages on Instagram Stories are a great way to interact with content. Although this type of interaction does not improve your profile, it is an excellent means of strengthening your connection to your target demographic.

Increase your lead generation using Instagram Reels

Reels may be used for a wide variety of purposes, but they are especially useful for businesses that want to increase their Instagram sales and lead generation.

The length of a reel is ideal for generating interest in your company and its products, and its reach is sufficient for attracting enough qualified leads to keep your sales funnel full.

And with this feature’s wealth of video-editing capabilities at your disposal, you’ll have all you need to keep your audience interested and ready to take the next logical step in the buying process (not to mention the ability to write captions that hook viewers and compel them to click on your CTA).

Make materials for learning

To demonstrate your mastery and help your target audience with a problem, you may create instructional videos. Providing consumers with a concrete solution to improve their situation is more likely to keep them engaged with your brand.

Relationship development via Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories is a fantastic method of establishing and maintaining rapport with your target audience. When compared to other forms of media, they are more intimate, relaxed, and natural.

You can’t go much closer to the audience on any other medium than you can with a personal narrative.

Instagram Stories are an excellent medium for making your followers feel like they are a vital part of your business’s success.

For your brand’s success, it’s crucial that your target demographic feel like they’re part of the creation process.

Include them in the narrative and make them care about what happens to the characters. Whenever possible, your Story should serve a greater purpose. Telling them “Hey, this occurred because of me” or demonstrating them the results of their actions are two easy ways to do this.

Give them something to work for. Customers are more emotionally connected in a brand’s narrative when they believe their actions will have a positive effect on a cause larger than themselves.