Using social analytics to your advantage: have you ever wondered how?

When it comes to social media marketing, have you ever found yourself wondering, “Should I…”?

How important is it that I join this social network?
What should I write about?
To what time shall I publish it?
These are the three most common inquiries received by social media marketers.

Yet, while there are excellent expensive programmes that can provide the answers, there are also excellent free tools that can provide trustworthy answers.

Yes, using them will require a bit more time. Yet, if you’re ready to invest some time and money, you can find out a lot more than the typical research tool can provide.

Better business decisions may be made with the help of free social analytics, which I will demonstrate in this piece.

The data here can help you find solutions to the problems you’re facing right now.

I’ll also demonstrate how to locate and evaluate the information. And most crucially, how to ensure you are making accurate interpretations of the facts.

Making Informed Business Decisions With Social Analytics

While deciding whether or not to join social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, ask yourself this question:

In addition, dozens of other networks occasionally emerge and achieve instantaneous widespread acclaim. They typically disappear almost as rapidly.

There are also a plethora of specialised networks. That’s why they work wonderfully for some industries but not for others.
Is It Worth It to Use Facebook as a Business Tool?

So, let’s find out. You can use social analytics to decide between these two options.

First, you should check out what your rivals are up to on Facebook. All of those pages probably belong to one of several categories.

You should check the category and look up an example. It must appear next to their name or photo.
Choose the ones that are most comparable to your company and read the data below.

How many people are really into these companies?

How many reviews do they have, and how good are they, if any?
In what ways do they interact with their followers when they do post?
Many individuals would quit thinking about it after hearing about the number of fans.

Yet, the quantity of likes is not necessarily indicative of the usefulness of a Facebook page (because you can buy those). Instead, consider how many devoted followers you may gain.

It need not be an astronomical sum, but it should be sizable enough to matter.

While your mom-and-pop pet store might not have as many Facebook friends as PetSmart, any new business is welcome.

If you want to learn more about the clubs, you can utilise your profile to do so.
Is It Worth It to Join Twitter for Your Company?

An additional choice that may be made with the help of social analytics is the following. Do what is outlined above. Locate your rivals on Twitter and investigate their following, tweets, and the response they receive.

Well, this is, too.

Get yourself a Twitter account and use it to perform these three searches

Start by doing a search for to:yourcompetitor, where yourcompetitor is the username of your rival. What this does is display every single tweet that has ever been directed towards your competition on Twitter.
And next, look for your rivals using the terms yourcompetitor [email protected] -from:yourrivals. This will display any tweets that mention your rival without including their username or coming from them.
Lastly, but most significantly, look for your company’s name or the name of your distinctive product. There’s no point in looking for answers if you’re not going to be there to answer questions on Twitter.

Is Instagram Worth It to Join if You Own a Business

Here’s another choice that can be analysed and decided upon.

You can identify your rivals, examine amount of followers, and examine your post engagement, but there’s one more thing you can do.


Is there content mentioning your rival’s brand name on Instagram or YouTube?

Similarly, do guests, diners, shoppers, and patrons of other establishments regularly upload images and videos to social media with the brand’s name or location mentioned?
Does Your Company Need to Be on Pinterest?

A similar concept. Have people started following your rivals? Do those pins have any kind of engagement mechanism?

And I have a very unique inquiry.

If that’s the case, your website content is being pinned.

An expedited substitute for no-cost study

As you can see, obtaining the correct social analytics to determine which networks to join, which content to post on those networks, and when to post it does not always require a monetary investment.

Sometimes you can find the solutions in the open… if you know where to search.

There are paid services like Rival IQ that can perform the heavy lifting for you in a matter of minutes if you want to save time and receive the answers quickly (and don’t mind the money commitment). You can quickly see how many people are following your brand and how active they are across all of their channels.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, social analytics may be easily applied to enhance commercial operations.

In truth, analytics and data can help you make the most crucial social media decisions (via either free or paid tools).

You can confidently make smarter judgements once you have access to your analytics and data.

You’ll know you’ve made the proper decision when you choose the best social network for your content, share that content at the best moment, then measure the results.