Spending time and energy on social media is more than simply a hobby. To improve your online presence, you should associate yourself with individuals who will not only support you and stick by your side, but also help you to think of new and exciting methods to do so.

It’s a good moment to assess the success and flaws of your existing social media marketing strategy.

Have a look at these soon-to-be-dominant developments in the world of digital marketing:

Chatbots (or Messenger Bots) are the Next Virtual Assistant for Marketers

The way individuals now spend their time online has led to a greater focus on bots. The first of them is the proliferation of bots that are being given money to create the artificial intelligence that powers devices like Alexa. Second, there are 1 billion monthly active users of Facebook Messenger who may theoretically interact with your Bot. Companies now must work harder than ever to connect with customers at the perfect moment and in the ideal setting.

Facebook bots for Messenger fall into two categories:

artificial intelligence (AI) bots that can process both spoken and written orders and respond appropriately.
Robots that can answer common questions about your products and services and help you retain more clients.
The public like to receive news as quickly as possible. Marketers’ ability to have constant, relevant dialogue with their target audiences will undergo a dramatic shift as a result of this.

Visual Narrative

One of the most powerful methods to influence people’s opinions about your brand or product is via the use of compelling visuals. Your brand may receive a lot of attention on social media if you employ the correct image sizes, GIFs, instructional videos, and experiential video sizes.

In 2018, marketers can’t afford to overlook the fact that more than 300 hours of video are being posted to YouTube every minute when developing their social media marketing strategies.

When it comes to vertical video influencer marketing, Instagram’s IGTV will undoubtedly be the leader. With IGTV, users can easily create high-quality vertical videos without the need for expensive equipment or the services of a middleman.

Use vertical video in your social media strategy this year.

Put up a Live, Be Honest

Have you seen the Facebook announcement that your preferred presenter is now live?

The popularity of live streaming has skyrocketed recently. You should take use of the additional possibilities for interaction it provides.

Technology is progressing at an incredible rate, as seen by the presence of four cameras in a single mobile device. These days, just about anyone can pick up a camera and record a high-quality video virtually anywhere in the world.

New features on Facebook will let businesses better understand their customers and create a customer journey map without ever leaving the Facebook environment.

Live Streaming is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience in a personal and genuine way. In turn, this will increase the number of devoted customers that buy from you.

Investing in Micro-Influencers: A Smart Move

With good cause, the term “micro-influencers” has gone viral in the recent few months and will continue to be widely used in 2016. Today’s young adults place a high amount of trust in the recommendations and reviews of rising Social Media Influencers when making major purchases.

A Micro-Influencer is someone who has a relatively modest but actively engaged fan base; for example, less than 20,000 Instagram followers or a few thousand on Facebook or Twitter. Now, brands are less interested in working with the highest-grossing influencers and more interested in forming partnerships with a larger number of influencers who have smaller but more targeted audiences. This aids in delivering a higher return on investment by allowing them to market specifically to interested parties.

A lot of these influencers provide affiliate marketing services for around $10, and there are thousands of them across various social media platforms. Very fantastic, wouldn’t you say? Develop a strong personal brand and broaden your social media network as a top priority.

Transparency and social responsibility

For this reason, several high-profile business leaders have taken to publicly apologising on Twitter for the actions of their organisation. Companies are being more open about their data usage practises in an effort to win customers’ confidence. Marketers are trying to strike a balance between too much personalisation and too much concern for customers’ privacy when it comes to online buying.

In turn, this is good for businesses since it increases brand loyalty among customers who prefer to support reputable names.


Each of the aforementioned developments is geared on improving the value offered to customers and the quality of their time spent online. As a marketer in 2023, you can expect to face new challenges and reap new rewards as a result of the influx of new possibilities and upgrades. Let’s make it a New Year’s resolve to do our part to keep user information secure.