In order to take your TikTok strategy to the next level, you need to invest in TikTok analytics. To begin using them, all you need is a (free!) TikTok Pro Account.

Built into TikTok are analytics that will help you find your audience and learn more about their interests.

Learn About TikTok’s Analytic Tools and How to Use Them

TikTok Pro Accounts are a free account upgrade that gives you access to juicy data you can use to grow your account, and they were introduced after many TikTok creators asked for more insights.

At first glance, the insights provided by TikTok appear to be rather simplistic; however, as you delve deeper, you will find a wealth of useful metrics and information that will allow you to strengthen your ties to your TikTok audience.

If you’re ready to upgrade to Pro, just do what I say!

  • To create a Premium Account, follow these steps:
  • Visit the Privacy and Settings section of your profile page.
  • To edit your profile, click “My Account.”
  • Select “Creator” or “Business” from the drop-down menu next to “Switch to Pro Account.”
  • Select your business sector (this information will not be shared)
    A Pro Account, including TikTok Analytics for both mobile and desktop devices, has been reloaded into your TikTok account.

To bring you up to speed quickly: Later now supports the scheduling and planning of TikTok videos. You’ll get the content sent directly to your mobile device when it’s time to publish.

Analyzing the Success of Your Individual Posts on TikTok

The analytics for a single post can be viewed by tapping the three dots in the post’s upper right corner and selecting “Analytics.”

Each post’s analytics reveal every nuance of its reception. Some examples are:

  • Instances of Play
  • Total amount of favorability ratings
  • Total number of feedbacks
  • Distribution of Shares
    Quantifying Audience Reactions
    Some of the most important audience metrics, such as:

  • The total number of hours, minutes, and seconds that this content has been played for.
  • The typical length of time a user spent watching your video.

Make use of these measurements as a foundation for developing your own norms and standards. In order to develop your skills and explore new areas of interest, you can evaluate how well your own videos perform in comparison to one another.

In addition, you can calculate the average completion rate of your video by dividing the amount of time viewers spent watching it by the total amount of time in the video. This will help you determine whether or not your videos are optimised for looping and returning viewers.

Types of Traffic Sources

Here you can see the percentage breakdown of your audience based on where they encountered your content. Whether they stumbled upon it through your profile, the For You page, or the Following tab, you can find out exactly how your audience is discovering your content with this helpful tool.

Various Regions of the Audience

From which countries are people accessing your videos? (based on a percentage of views). Determine which of your locations is the most successful with the help of this metric.

Account Analytics in TikTok

After upgrading to a Pro Account, you’ll see a new Analytics tab in your profile settings.

We advise checking it out on a desktop by clicking the “View Analytics” tab in the top right corner.
Here, TikTok will provide you with summary statistics for the past 7 or 28 days, respectively.

You can delve into your account insights once data begins to populate. Your TikTok account dashboard will show you an overview of your account, your content, and the people who follow you.

Primary Dashboard Context

The “Analytics Overview” section of your TikTok account does exactly what its name implies.

You can view up to 28 days of data for:

  • Pageviews for a Video
  • Increase in Adherents
  • Photographs of Individuals

Sub-Dashboard 2: The Articles

Under the “Content” menu, you’ll find a wealth of information and understanding at your disposal.

You can see which of your videos saw the greatest increase in views over the past week by clicking on the tab titled “Video Posts.”

A blank dashboard will be displayed after 7 days if you haven’t made any new posts.

Videos tab

When you click the Trending Videos tab, you can see exactly which of your videos have been getting the most attention on the For You page (during this time frame) and how many views they have received overall.
In the tab titled “Trending Video Views,” you can see which nine of your videos have seen the most viewer growth over the past week. Even if a video’s publication date was outside of the 7-day window, you can still gain valuable insight into its current popularity thanks to this feature.

Checking here is a great way to identify “slow burner” material.

Don’t write off every post as an instant underachiever; your TikTok videos can sometimes see a spike in views days, weeks, or even months after it’s been published.

Third and final dashboard: fans

The Followers sub-tab comes last.

Follower demographics are broken down here for your perusal.
The number of followers you have as of the end of the 7 day reporting period, as well as any followers you’ve gained or lost week-to-week, can be seen by checking your follower count.

The gender breakdown of a network’s total number of followers is revealed by using gender analytics.

The percentage breakdown of your followers’ home countries is displayed in the “Top Territories” section of the analytics dashboard. This can shed light on whether or not your brand is actually connecting with its intended demographic.

In the Follower Activity section, you can see when your followers are the most active on the site.

Aside from revealing the specific hours and days when your audience is most active and likely to be scrolling, this metric is also useful because it shows you when they are least likely to be.