A new feature called Audience Insights has been released by TikTok. It’s a near carbon replica of Facebook’s Audience Insights, which, if you’ve been paying attention, won’t come as much of a surprise.

In fact, TikTok’s product is not only designed in the same way as the latest iteration of Facebook Audience Insights, but it also restores several features that Facebook eliminated.

Learn More About Your Audience

Your audience demographics may be viewed in “Audience Insights” under Reports in the TikTok Advertising Manager.

Adjusting the Viewership Filter

If you narrow down your target demographic on the left, you’ll get related information on the right. Several of the filters are the same as those available when deciding on the targeting of an ad group (known as a “ad set” on Facebook).

On the right, you’ll see results from the TikTok user base, which you can use as a comparison to the audience you build below.

In my introductory piece on developing TikTok ads, I go into a bit more depth about these possibilities.

The OS, OS version, and device pricing can also be used as filters….

Here we get to the ultimate shocker: Custom Audience.

You may zero down on your ideal Custom or Lookalike Audience using this. Please take note that there is a minimum need of 1,000 persons in the target audience for Audience Insights to be activated.

Although I can’t be sure, I believe that the bare minimum of one thousand people for a bespoke audience also applies to each individual nation. My guess is that the number of people who see your content will decrease when you use filters to narrow it down, which might affect your 1,000-person threshold.

This requires a huge target demographic.

Defining Our Audience

Choose your criteria on the left to see the updated data on the right. I have narrowed my emphasis to the Marketing & Advertising ad interest category so that you can get the most out of these graphs.

The filtered audience I built is shown in light blue, while the complete user world is shown in dark blue (in this case Marketing & Advertising).


An Interests sub-heading exists in addition to the Top 10 and Bottom 10 sub-headings.

Included in these are the most popular hashtags…

I have my doubts about this place’s worth. If you’ll recall, I set my filters to prioritise results that related to marketing and advertising. If anything, I find these hashtags to be really useless.

There’s also a list of many types of hobbies and passions…

  • You may see the following ten passion areas by clicking the “See More” button. Any of these sections can be expanded for more breakdown.
  • Ad performance insights may be gleaned from a breakdown of the ad’s performance in relation to time, delivery, action, or dynamic creative aspect. More
  • If you click on the term, you’ll be sent to a detailed explanation of those activities.

Just what Use Might This Have?

Some examples of how you can put TikTok’s Audience Insights to work:

  • Get key information for strategic campaign planning 1.
  • Next, verify your audience’s existence and gather information about them.
  • Thirdly, gather ideas for precise aiming and novel approaches
  • 4 Research popular hashtags and interest groups before drafting material.

Such instruments are useful since they provide light on a target audience (I did it!). By using them, you may learn demographic information about your audience, such as their location, interests, and preferred mediums of consumption.

Knowing this can help you craft messages that resonate with certain groups. In terms of potential targeted interests, it can also be helpful in generating further ideas.

Maybe the most important aspect of this is targeting certain demographics. Regrettably, I am not able to find any useful information at this time. This is largely because I haven’t spent enough time on the site to attract followers.

Overal, I feel as if there has to be more data that can be directly used to targeting. But, the recurring tastes I observe most likely have more to do with general appeal than specific demographic resonance.

Seemingly Occurring Bugs

Bugs are to be expected, given that this is a brand new piece of software. Occasionally, expected data fails to materialise, or the incorrect data appears.

These are growing pains for a brand new function, and I have faith that they’ll be ironed out in due time.